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    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello all! Just wanted to get opinios on how fast it takes a cycad in the seedling stage to develop a caudex? 
      I know there are many types of cycads that grow and different rates. 
      My personal favorite cyads right now are encephalartos. 
      What is the typical rate from seedling to developing a small caudex for encephalartos? 
      Is it better to pay for something that has a caudex developed or stick with seedlings and watch them grow?
      Also what is the typical amount of time for germination?
    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello!! Wanting to repot my encephalartos lehmannii into a nice pot as the pot it is currently in came from the nursery. 
      I am trying to figure out the best soil for it. My concern is if it drains too fast will it not be able to absorb water and nutrition.  
      I have two options I am thinking of and the screen shots show the ingredients. Is there one you would recommend based on the ingredients? I have tried black and gold before, just not sure if it would be considered too fast draining. 
      And if there is another kind of soil, I am all ears. :). I want to do this right as it will be in a pot for at least a few years. 
      Also I read online that terra cotta pots that are unglazed are the best option? Any thoughts on what would be best for here in arizona.
      Thank you for your time. 

    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      I was away for a few days and returned to my sago palm flush looking like this. 
      The fronds leaflets seem short and when it finishes unraveling looks like its going to be skinny. Also i notice some of the new fronds are curving downward. 
      Is this a water issue? I have three irrigation lines on it with no top. I also had someone water it by hose once while I was gone. 
      Also I notice the fronds a little yellow. 
      Is there any saving this flush?
      P.s I love in arizona and it has been pretty hot.

    • Jason S.
      By Jason S.
      What species of cycad is this? The caudex is a bit smaller than a volleyball,

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      It has been interesting to watch a transformation in the main caudex of this Encephalartos woodii hybrid (E arenarius x woodii).  After coning a couple of times, the last set of male cones came in late 2017 and are pictured below in early spring of 2018.  Eventually they reached a point where I removed them and thought this cycad would just keep on alternating between flushes and coning periodically.  It did have a large pup on one side which I eventually removed and is growing in its new home.  What happened over the next two years with where these cones had emerged is the interesting story.

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