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Hi there! Guys, need your advice! I wanna congratulate my best friend with his Birthday day! But i doubt how to do it...Unfortunately, I'm not eloquent enough..So, is it better to use some phrases like here http://quotespill.com/birthday-wishes-for-boys/ , or shall I use something own?

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    • Josh-O
      By Josh-O
      happy Birthday Jeff
       Just think in 2 more years when your 60 you will officially be an old fart. 
      have a blessed and safe day today.
    • Grasswing
      By Grasswing
      Today is a great day,
      Philippe has birthday!
      Thank you for your very interesting topics and photos from Sri Lanka.
      Good luck with your garden!
      All the best my friend,
    • Trópico
      By Trópico
      Have a laid back, frond swaying, deep-sea fishing birthday friend!