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Nikita botanical garden

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Palm trees growing in the Nikitsky botanical garden ( zone 8B). Besides represented palm trees, grow still there Trachycarpus wagnerianus. Jubaea chilensis and Washingtonia filifera/








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sarasota alex

Thanks for the pictures!

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Milos Srejic

Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.

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Very cool! Sadly I will never be able to grow most of the plants you got there without protection.. and it's not even much farther north where I live:-(

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    • limoncik
      By limoncik
      Hi! Yesterday visited the Nikitsky Botanical garden in the Park " Aivazovsky".
      Trachycarpus fortunei

      Chamaerops humilis

      Sabal minor

      Sabal palmetto

      Phoenix dactylifera

      Jubaea chilensis

      Washingtonia nitida

      Why trachy?

    • Justin
      By Justin
      Apparently a botanic garden in Kiev is selling off all of their palms, figuring they won't be able to heat them this coming winter.

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