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"Common" exotics

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So each part of the world has their community of palm nuts. What would you say is the most "common" exotic that a majority of these folks have in their collections ?

For example, here in Miami, Copernicia might be the genus that's most "common" among collectors, that most would consider "rare."

Here are some others:

Kentiopsis Oliviformis

Kerriodoxa elegans

Teddy Bear


So tell us where you live, and which one's are the most popular of your exotics..........


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Really full garden

Here in Guatemala the most common exotics are Licuala grandis and Dypsis lutescens

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colin Peters

Dypsis lutescens


Lutescens, everyone has a crowded row of them, to block the view of the neighbors., but

you can't argue with success. The are beyond durable. When I discovered there

were more palms out there than them, thanks to palmtalk etc., I said I would

never plant another for a customer, but they are almost impossible to kill once


Is it true they are almost gone from habitat??



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