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Recommendation for trunk wrap lights

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I have a 70’ palm tree with mostly smooth trunk.  I want to wrap the trunk in mesh electric lights all the way up but all the lights I see available on-line have lousy reviews, such as not lasting very long or ugly in the daylight.


Anyone have a recommendation? My tree is being pruned next week and the bucket truck guy can put them up for me.




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I have some that have been up for about 10 years, they come on every night and some just lay on the ground, I walk on them. Very tough. 

You won't get them in time for the bucket truck guy, I have to get some pictures and then you will have to source them, but it will be worth it.

They are old tech LED's machine moldered onto two core black plastic coated wire. 12V, very low amps.

You don't notice them in the day.

Cheers Steve

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This is the stuff that I recommend that you look for, it has thick wire about 30 strands.

The lights are not too close together, (which uses more power and is too bright).

If this is no longer available, forget the ebay specials and look up 'Commercial' lighting, that is what you need.

Cheers Steve



and this is how it looks in the day,


Arguably they are ugly close up but in practice we don't notice them. 


and the night.




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