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Dictyosperma album

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Hi all I have a few older seedlings that I removed from a community pot. They have since been growing in 4 inch cups for about 6 months. They are all singles in separate cups and growing well. Showing some nice red color. I'll get some photos up tomorrow. 

I have about 12 left. 




USA shipping via USPS included. 

Worldwide via UPS / FedEx +$20 USD

PM me if interested 


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They look wonderful! One of my favorite palms


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Hi all, I still have 10 left..  


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    • Mystery Palm Seedling
      By cbmnz
      I noticed this past weekend, this growing in the leaf litter under a shrub in my garden. When things are small it can be hard to tell even different plants apart, but looks very much like a palm seedling.

      The mystery is where did it come from, as my only palm is a now 14 year old queen, which I can say for certain has never flowered. Interestingly as it is within the outer root zone of the queen, I did entertain the idea for short time that it was a sucker that had budded off the queen’s root system. However I can’t find any reference that a queen palm has ever been known to do that. So discounted that theory.
      My queen, seedling was growing about 2.5m from base of its trunk.

      I dug up the seedling, it had a small tap root, several feeder roots which I got all of, and one really long feeder root that I broke when dug it. Have potted it up and it looks fine so far. So hopefully it will grow and eventually will get to see what I have. But it might be years!
      The nearest other palms are about 150m away in neighbouring yards, a queen and two types of fan palm. But with the house in between, the seeds did well to blow from there but I guess that’s the most likely source.
      Palms in rear neighbours sections, most likely source of wind blown seed.

      Oh well, guess it's fun to not know yet what I have!
    • Help with MacArthur Palm seedlings
      By Whiplash87
      I recently bought some MacArthur Palm seedlings from Polynesian produce stand and they arrived soiless and healthy. After planting them and a day or two later the fronds are turning brown shriveling. These are in my garage where temps are in the high 80’s to low 90’s.  I’m assuming my grow lights were too strong so I raised them way up and turned them down to help better acclimate them. Is there anything else I should be doing? Misting, keep covered with plastic for humidity. I used a soil recipe I found online that will be with the pictures. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

    • Mystery Palm Seedlings
      By Leximinton
      Hi! These little palms have sprouted in my yard in SoCal the past few weeks. You can see the black round seed they sprouted from in the pic of the bare-root seedling. Any help identifying them would be GREATLY appreciated! 

    • Germinating old Brahea seeds in less than 2 weeks?
      By Grasswing
      Hello everyone,
      it has been quite some time I posted something on Palmtalk, but now I am back and happy to see so much progress in your gardens!
      Now the story:
      In 2014 I received some Brahea sp. seeds from Phoenikakias, I tried them few times, but they didn't sprout and as the time passed I stopped trying and forgot that I still have some left. I rediscovered them them this April and got an idea to try "removing the lid" as I've read in topic posted by Cypalms and John in Andalucia (links bellow). And it really worked!
      I removed pulp residue by sandpaper, soaked seeds for 2 minutes in 70% ethanol, then few more minutes in diluted bleach and placed in previously boiled distilled water for 2 days.
      After soaking them for 2 days, I removed the area (operculum) above the embryo by scalpel to expose it. I tried to stay sterile as much as possible, to prevent bacteria/fungus contamination.

      I placed prepared seeds in coco peat (also boiled for some time) so the embryos were a bit above the surface and placed them in incubator with constant temperature 30°C (86 F).

      6 days later the embryo started to grow out:

      Yesterday and today:

      It really surprised me that even almost 4 years old seed of slow germinating species such as Brahea can sprout in less than two weeks using this technique, I encourage you to try it too!
      I will try some other species such as Butia and see the results. I'll keep you updated!

      Inspired by:
      John in Andalucia:
    • Are These Live Oak Seedlings?
      By PalmTreeDude
      Are these Live Oak seedlings? They are growing in the pot that I planted Live Oak seeds into. I think they are?