Too much rain yesterday

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I heard a tree fall yesterday, but that alone is not unusual. However this tree broke exposing honey combs and I found two groups of bees on the ground the next day yards from the tree near a little banana. The bees convinced me that the Chamaedorea in a pot (that I was considering planting there) would need to remain undisturbed for the present.







And were it not for the wide shoulder to my driveway I would have been trapped as lots of vegetation slid down. 

Sorry, can't get the photo showing the slide before my efforts to download.

 I got some good exercise today moving lots of the downed plants, but ran out of daylight to shovel the mud itself. Next I have to figure out a way to further stabilize the area although I see the exposed support rocks installed when the main road above was built. Any suggestions appreciated.DSCN6786.thumb.JPG.dbdf392567cdff6d56558




Oh my wonderful $4 thrift store boots came perfectly clean with hard spray from a hose and so did my work pants!

And the rainy season is far from over, but most of the plants love it.


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Bees have a way of convincing us to do things :)  You definitely went deep into the mud!


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Some strategically placed palm/plants may help improve the integrity of that hill side.


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