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This puppy has been sitting around here for three years or so with just one lonely fron to its name. I have since added a drainage enhancer to the soil so that I can water more often without rotting roots and Voila; it is flushing, though with just one fron; a sure sign of trauma. Hopefully it's also a sign that something is right of a sudden.

These first 2 pics show the flush on 5/15/2017, 3 days ago


As you can see, it is VERY fuzzy with almost no definition, is tormentose the right word?

the next pic shows the caudex


and now the flush tonigh, 3 days later.


Notice that there is now some definition through the fuzz

and now the old fron, in the back, that has lasted these three years


I'm pretty sure that it is a dioon, but mejiae, spinulosum or edule???

Can you tell at this point?





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Looks like edule to me. Most Dioon dont like a lot of water so I wouldnt worry about watering it more. Better drainage is always good though. 


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3 hours ago, Brian said:

Looks like edule to me. Most Dioon dont like a lot of water so I wouldnt worry about watering it more. Better drainage is always good though. 

The fronds now display a brownish tint which I take to indicate Dioon Edule as opposed to Dioon Edule var Palma Sola. Thanks for the ID.




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    • Dioon spinulosum variegated- CONFIRMED
      By BS Man about Palms
      Sooo.. I was digging through old threads and found I picked this up, or more accurately spotted it working a sale for Phil at Jungle Music, waaaaay back in March, 2008

      The older leaf appeared to have variegation, but the newest did not. It was decided it was likely variegated, but to not fertilize it or keep it in the sun..
      PS- was surprised to see that, a) my photobucket link was still working,  that I had so many cool old pics there..
    • At the end of the day .... Dioon spinulosum i think
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      i was really excited thinking that my seed was encephalartos but i guess it is dioon spinulosum, its a very nice cycad although.... What do you think??? i need some comments here hehe