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      There has been some confusion regarding the Messaging System on PalmTalk - and what is private and what is posted publicly. I've been asked to explain the two. There are two forms of messages - what I will call "Private Messages" which are Private, and "Activity Messages" which are public. A Private Message is designated with an envelope icon. It is available at the top of every page (click it and use "Compose New"). It is also accessible by hovering over a User's name or Avatar and clicking the envelope icon. Or it is also available on a User's Profile Page - at the top - again, with the envelope icon. Anywhere you see this envelope icon, you can click it and send a Private Message. An "Activity Message" is public. These are the "What's on your Mind" and "Leave a Message on [User X's] Feed" boxes where you can leave a public message directly as a Status Update (on your Profile or Main PT Page) or on a User's Profile Page - which updates his Status Update and also posts on PT's Main Status Update Page. These are "Activities" and labeled as such on the Profile Pages.  What is confusing is that both options (Private and Activity) are available on a User's Profile Page.  Just remember, that if you want to send a Private Message, use the envelope icon link - wherever you see it. That will get you to the Private Messaging Center. Any other "Status Update," like "What's on your Mind," or "Leave a Message on [so-and-so's] Feed," is public. I would make it less confusing if I could, but I can't.
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More Allagoptera arenaria seedlings

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I have 3 community pots of Allagoptera arenaria seedlings for sale. 27 in all, will send bare root. $27 ($1each) INCludes US SHIpping! Can pick a time to mail when weather is fair if necessary.  Picture below was taken 2 weeks ago.

Beachpalms@cfl.rr.com or PM


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    • dypsis ovobontsira
      By Josh-O
      I have a couple super nice dypsis ovobontsira for sale. Most of them have a real nice metallic sheen on them and all are showing excellent color
      if you are interested please e-mail me at josh@ibbstextbooks.net or send me a text to 626-278-6388
      thanks for looking
      cheers, Josh
      95.00 ea I have around 4 left this size

    • Zamia sp. 'Jamaican Giant' Seeds
      By NatureGirl
      My Zamia sp. 'Jamaican Giant' seeds are starting to drop. I will have lots again this year, so I'm lowering the price. This is a nice upright, unarmed, cold hardy, Caribbean cycad from Jamaica. The leaves on mine are about 4ft tall, but they can get around 6ft tall from what I've heard. These require no care at all in my yard and get full sun. Hand pollinated Seeds are .75 each and includes free US shipping if you order at least 20. Less than 20 add $3 shipping. Later on, once they are all dropped, I may have larger amounts at a better price. If using paypal credit, please pay any applicable fees.
       Beachpalms@cfl.rr.com  or send PM

    • Dypsis carlsmithii Seedling 'spikes'
      By NatureGirl
      I have way, way, too many Dypsis carlsmithii seedling 'spikes'. These are perfect size for mailing bare root in moist spaghum. .50 each plus $3.50 US shipping.

    • large 5 gal cyphophoenix elegans
      By Josh-O
      I have a very nice size 5 gal cyphophoenix elegans that is ready for a new home. I'm asking 85.00 for this very old beauty. Its over 3' tall and full sun grown. This is ready to go into 15 GAL bucket or the ground
      PM me if you are interested.
      thanks for looking

    • HUGE archontophoenix maxima in 15 gals
      By Josh-O
      I have a batch or really nice trunking Archie maximas that are very overgrown and need to go into the ground or a 24" box.
      singles are 150.00 each
      doubles are 175.00 each
      send me a PM if you are interested
      thanks for looking