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Since I just discovered that I can not upload images from my personal files to insert into a PM message I have created this topic as a space to do so.....all are welcome to comment and inquire.



jaypalms 007.jpg

jaypalms 002.jpg

jaypalms 004.jpg

jaypalms 006.jpg


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    • Palm seeds
      By Grasswing
      Hello friends,
      I want start a new topic about palm seeds photos. It may help other members with identification of unknown seeds.
      I would be pleased If you would share some of your photos and tips for germinating these seeds.
      Thanks and regards


      Syagrus romanzoffiana

      Trachycarpus fortunei 'naini tal'

      Areca concinna:

      Brahea armata

      Nannorrhops ritchiana

      Serenoa repens

      Licuala grandis

      Licuala spinosa

      Sabal bermudana

      Roystonea oleracea

      Bentinckia nicobarica

      Euterpe oleracea (smaller seeds) and Oenocarpus mapora (two bigger seeds)