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Golden Gate Palms

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#1 bepah



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Posted 20 April 2009 - 07:45 AM

I stopped by Golden Gate Palms in Richmond yesterday and I feel that I must ask; 'What has happened to this place?'

The gate was open, although the hours for Sunday are marked 'Closed'. I'll leave the names out for this report as I am only reporting my experience.

I went in and met the person in the yard and told him I was looking for something small to take up my hill to plant on Earth Day. I am not a big Earth Day supporter but looking for an excuse to plant a tree was pretty easy.

After shedding the suggestions of a Pygmy date Palm, Queen Palm, and 'Fan Palm', it became pretty clear to me that the person attending probably knew less about the stock than I. I asked about a Beccariophoenix (he wanted to know the common name), none in stock. Ther were some Trachys there, looked like wagnerianus...asked the price for a 10 gallon item...$135.00. A smaller 5 gallon asking $100. I am not certain he even knew what he was selling

None of the small pots had any identification and few of the larger ones as well.

I left, very disappointed.

Gary Gragg now has a show on HGTV; 'Superscapes', which based on the condition and deferred maintenance of his yard, seems to be taking most of his time.

Does anyone else have any feedback? I am not putting a poll in, as I do not have enough information to put one up and I want to hear from our local members. Since I didn't buy anything, I am only disappointed in the service I got. Maybe because it was Sunday.

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John Case
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#2 ghar41



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Posted 20 April 2009 - 02:58 PM

I went over there early last summer. I walked around for 10-15 minutes and couldnt find anyone there. I finally came across an employee watering. He did his best to help, but eventually called the owner on his cell phone and I talked to him on the phone for a few minutes. Most of their palms are fairly common species.

I bought 2 T. latisectus (5 gallon) and 2 C. plumosa in 15 gallon pots. I planted all four of them when I got home, and have been happy with the T. latisectus. The C. plumosa, however, had ten gallons of soil, with freshly repotted 5 gallon plants on top. I paid a premium price for all four.

ts a pretty large operation...and at one time was quite an impressive deal. Its disapointing to us NorCal palm collectors as the economy continues to take its toll. They just can't keep a full time staff there when a couple of customers a day are the norm.

Last year Ray Laub and The Palm Patch in Los Altos Hills ended their impressive run. Ray was knowledgeable, very reasonably priced and always had impressive plants. They are sorely missed.
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