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Chamaedorea hooperiana

Darold Petty

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Seeds or small plants to be shipped to me.  No SoCal road trip on the schedule at this time, 

Also, has anyone divided an adult plant ?  I have one very large clump.  Thanks !

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San Francisco, California

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Hi Darold,

I can’t help with sourcing small C hooperiana, but I’ll add that I’ve been splitting up my large C costaricana successfully for the last couple of years. Also C brachypoda. I’m going to try to split my C hooperiana this coming Spring; the arching stems tend to take up a lot of space and it’s always nice to gift or sell split stems once they’ve established to other collectors, win-win!

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Tim Brisbane

Patterson Lakes, bayside Melbourne, Australia

Rarely Frost

2005 Minimum: 2.6C,  Maximum: 44C

2005 Average: 17.2C, warmest on record.

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Thanks to all for the 126 views. 

I was fortunate that a local palm nursery received a large shipment of palms on Thursday, including C. hooperiana.  I purchased two plants yesterday,  and was able to select a gendered pair !  



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San Francisco, California

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