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Interested in Cassia Tomentosa seeds?


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Hello all,


I have copious seed pods... all over the driveway now. I can pick a bunch up and send them out if anyone interested. There's probably 20 seeds in a pod, pods are maybe 5" long, 3/8" diameter. seeds are maybe 4mm daimeter. I'll just put them in an envelope and post.


This appears to be synonymous with Senna multiglandulosa. I forget where I got this from. They seed easily all over my yard after winter. It's a small tree, maybe 10' tall max, or even a bush.  Edit: Apparently it can get a bit tall. Wikipedia says 6 meters, but mine have gotten top heavy and fallen over or broken. I'll give them 3 meters...

Edited by Patrick

Oakley, California

55 Miles E-NE of San Francisco, CA

Solid zone 9, I can expect at least one night in the mid to low twenties every year.

Hot, dry summers. Cold, wet winters.

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