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Terrestrial Tillandsia - 9 years to bloom


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It was at a Southern California Palm Society meeting in March of 2013, that we visited the Reidler home here in northern San Diego County.  Mark Reidler had some pups off his terrestrial Tillandsia (species unnamed) that he was giving out to participants.  I took a photo at the time so I would remember where it came from and what it was.  I didn't expect it would be this long to bloom, but it's finally doing it.  I had one that I plopped into a potted Chamadorea adscendens temporarily and left them it there until last winter (so much for temporary). This one went into the pot with other succulent type stuff after only 2 years, but both are in bloom at the same time.  Did anyone else pick up any at this tour and did yours bloom sooner or do you still even have them... Dave maybe???  The other garden we toured that day was Aaron Bagley's here in Encinitas. 




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33.0782 North -117.305 West  at 72 feet elevation

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