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DRANSFIELD, John - Director and Co-Editor PALMS


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PalmTalk Username: John Dransfield

John Dransfield was born in Liverpool, U.K., in 1945. He obtained his bachelor degree in botany at Cambridge University in 1967 and went on to do his Ph.D. at the same university, researching the two Malayan palm genera Johannesteijsmannia and Eugeissona. His first job was in Indonesia on a British aid project, attached to the Bogor Botanical Gardens and Herbarium. In 1975 he joined the staff of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, where he was the head of palm research until his retirement in 2005. He continues to do research at Kew as an Honorary Research Fellow. John has been a member of the IPS since 1969. In 1981, he began collaboration with Natalie Uhl towards the completion of Genera Palmarum, published in 1987.He has just completed the second edition of the work, together with co-authors Natalie Uhl, Conny Asmussen, William J. Baker, Madeline Harley and Carl Lewis. From 1980 through today, John has been co-editor of Palms (formerly Principes). He is author or co-author of several books on palms, including Palms of Madagascar. He now lives in southeast Wales.

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Leilani Estates, 25 mls/40 km south of Hilo, Big Island of Hawai'i. Elevation 880 ft/270 m. Average rainfall 140 inches/3550 mm


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Here is a photo I took of John Dransfield (right) and Charles Uhl (left, husband of Natalie Uhl) during a field trip to Mt Lewis in Queensland, Australia during the 1988 IPS biennial held at Port Douglas, QLD in September that year.

Bryan Laughland
New Zealand


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With Peter Balasky discussing Madagascar palms and places they have seen


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The Palm Mahal

Hollywood Fla

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Mike, thanks again for including me for supper at the house. It was a lot of fun.


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Searle Brothers Nursery Inc.

and The Rainforest Collection.

Southwest Ranches,Fl.

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