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A few free palms - come dig em up

Hilo Jason

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I'm going through the yard and removing a few palms that don't seem to be 100% happy. I'm looking to dig these up ASAP to make room for new plantings. Come and help dig them, bring a few pots and they're yours. PM for details, directions. First come, first served.

post-3101-019790900 1338507938_thumb.jpg

Hyophorbe Verschafeltii

post-3101-053162000 1338507963_thumb.jpg

Gaussia Maya

post-3101-006718700 1338507990_thumb.jpg

Licuala Ramsayi

All 3 of these got a bit beat up this past winter, but should recover nicely if put in a good micro-climate and given some TLC. I'd rather give them away and give them a second chance then throw them in the greens bin.

I might have a couple more as well, so whoever comes to get these might end up with some more if interested.

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Dewd, that L. ramsayi don't look too bad. I bet with a few more years and a tad bit more water you'd have a nice specimine.

Matt Bradford

"Manambe Lavaka"

Spring Valley, CA (8.5 miles inland from San Diego Bay)

10B on the hill (635 ft. elevation)

9B in the canyon (520 ft. elevation)

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Thanks Again Jason for allowing me to adopt some of your palms! heres a few pics! I planted the L. ramsayii in a pot on my patio for now ...

post-5111-019954300 1338948455_thumb.jpg

post-5111-079043700 1338948469_thumb.jpg

post-5111-053437500 1338948587_thumb.jpg

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Nickolas - Thanks for stopping by to pick those up. always good to see you and it's nice to see those planted out at your place already.

Matty - yeah, I think it could get better looking, but decided to put a Dypsis Hovomantsina in it's place. I do have another Licuala in my greenhouse that is looking great, so maybe I will find another place for it one day.

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