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Bentinckia nicobarica

Palmə häl′ik

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Willing to trade for something of equal value. :) I don't think I'll be able to get this one done in my neck o da woods! It'll probably melt away on me... Local delivery or pickup.

Brandon, FL

27.95°N 82.28°W (Elev. 62 ft)

Zone9 w/ canopy

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Hi Ray,

If you've planted the Carpoxylon and Dypsis carlsmithii, the Bentickia might as well get planted too. Bentinckia reacts to cold much like an Archontophoenix and has proven less tender than the other two in my experience.


Tampa, Interbay Peninsula, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10A

Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida, USA

subtropical USDA Zone 10B

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I was looking at that DG webstie, and it was listed there as a Z11 palm.

I don't think it is... That's what I based my posting on... I'll lab rat it...

Might as well keep it, your right...


Brandon, FL

27.95°N 82.28°W (Elev. 62 ft)

Zone9 w/ canopy

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