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John of Ponce

Sabinaria magnifica making it just fine down to 35 degrees

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John of Ponce

I wanted to post a photo of my Sabinaria magnifica Palm that survived despite not being protected and being in an open area of my yard when the temperature dropped to 35 degrees . Its the baby palm in the bottom right of the photo.


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That's great to know. I've been pulling my potted one in to my dining room any night it drops below 50. It's big and starting to get shredded leaves from hitting my sliders when going in and out.

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    • www.dadluvsu.com
      By www.dadluvsu.com
      Sooooo...  I’ve got this palm that is literally screaming to get out of the pot.  But I don’t have a shady humid Columbian jungle.  I have an old cane field with nothing older than 3 years old growing on it.  So same question as usual, has anyone planted this species in a more exposed location that perceived ideal and did it die or thrive?
      This one is a waaay overgrown 3g size that if planted here would get decent protection from midday sun until about 1:30...  from then on it’s fry and die or sun and done...

    • Eric in Orlando
      By Eric in Orlando
      This Sabinaria magnifica was planted out last spring here at Leu Gardens. I planted it in one of the warmest microclimates in the Garden. It has good overhead tree canopy protection and also wind protection. So far after this winter's freeze it is showing no damage. We had a low of about 28-29F here but this location was probably about 4-5 degrees warmer. A Cyrtostachys elegans x renda is growing next to it and looks good too.

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