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Frost/cold damage from record December 2010

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Yesterday (1/2/11) I photographed some of the damage my gardens sustained from my record-breaking cold December. I tried to protect the most sensitive small palms but when the last arctic front rolled in on 12/26/10 I was out of town, so everything except the Cyrtostachys (which I stashed indoors) was on its own. When I got home on noon Dec. 27 I ran about covering stuff till dark. Even so, some palms are pretty beat up. In lieu of inklings that my colder winters may be here to stay (no political commentary intended or desired) I am evaluating future gardening endeavors.

Adonidias on east side of lanai. Too tall to be protected. They survived last winter and should this one but fronds took a hit and crownshafts are turning brown as palms prepare to shed damaged goods.

post-1349-055365400 1294072276_thumb.jpg

Areca catechu dwarf. Except on 12/26 this guy was covered with double flannel. Even so ....

post-1349-097413500 1294072380_thumb.jpg

Areca catechu semi-dwarf. Also got double coverage.

post-1349-011228500 1294072444_thumb.jpg post-1349-086493200 1294072467_thumb.jpg

Bentinckia nicobarica

post-1349-010501000 1294072540_thumb.jpg

Coccothrinax sp. The Caribbean palms will tattered again this spring.

post-1349-075454400 1294072632_thumb.jpg

Cocos nucifera Panama Tall

post-1349-024116700 1294072711_thumb.jpg

Cocos nucifera red spicata. Protected by towel and flannel

post-1349-092292800 1294072818_thumb.jpg post-1349-066157500 1294072842_thumb.jpg

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post-1349-052947200 1294072945_thumb.jpg

Dypsis pinnatifrons

post-1349-007256800 1294072989_thumb.jpg

Hydriastele pinangoides

post-1349-060273300 1294073027_thumb.jpg

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis. This is our smaller bottle down by the street

post-1349-011853700 1294073089_thumb.jpg

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Rusty on Pine Is.

Sorry to see this Meg......looks like everything will recover, tho.

Looks like a lot of my stuff here at the Flatts.


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