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Butia eriospatha pollen wanted

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if somebody here has access to a flowering Butia (preferrably eriospatha) and is willing to send me some of its pollen.

It goes without saying that postal costs will be returned and for the effort you will get my eternal gratitude...

Thanks in advance and kind regards!


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My eriospatha are at least a year away from flowering so I can't help...


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Bump... still wanted


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      I can't figure out how to rotate the photo when posting, the original file is portrait oriented.

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      Butia odorata (strictor?) - I received this palm as a seedling all the way from the UK. The sender sent me germinated seeds of B. odorata strictor blue & green. I planted one of each in my garden lot but lost track which was which. One of them has since died. The survivor, to my failing eyes, does not exhibit strictor traits. It looks like a standard B.o. but I like it anyway. Whether it is "blue" or "green" is up to the beholder, I guess.