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Butia eriospatha pollen wanted

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if somebody here has access to a flowering Butia (preferrably eriospatha) and is willing to send me some of its pollen.

It goes without saying that postal costs will be returned and for the effort you will get my eternal gratitude...

Thanks in advance and kind regards!


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My eriospatha are at least a year away from flowering so I can't help...


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Bump... still wanted


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    • Encephalrtos munchii pollen is needed!
      By yachtingone
      My female E. munchii is throwing 5 cones!!!  I will need pollen.  I will split the seed 50/50 with the pollen donator. Send a pic of your male plant.
      Thank you,

    • Fresh Lytocaryum weddellianum pollen
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      I have some very fresh Lytocaryum weddellianum pollen. The infloresence popped last night and I left only the female flowers on it. The male flowers can go to whoever wants to give hybridizing a try.
      All I ask in return is some of the produced seeds if pollination is succesfull.
    • Wanted: cocosoid pollen
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      I have a Syagrus weddelliana producing inflorescenses and after succesfully pollinating it with its own pollen, I want to try something else. I wish to pollinate its next inflorescense with Butia, Syagrus or maybe even Parajubaea pollen. Any suggestions are welcome of course. The only problem is that I don't live in the tropics and acquiring pollen seems to have become some sort of begging game. Up untill now without any succes I'm affraid.
      So I was hoping someone here on palmtalk recognizes my struggle and is willing to help me out with a baggy containing some special pollen. I estimate that the next inflorescense will be opening in a month from now.
      My gratitude would flow through the universe for eternity.
    • Butia capitata?
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      Am I correct on the ID - Butia capitata? If not, any ideas on what palm is it?
      The photo is from tonight, and we've had a mild winter. I've eyed these small feather palms for at least a decade, at a restaurant in Las Cruces NM. This palm is 8 ft tall x 8-10' wide, on a west face, and the site is about 4100' elevation, 32N latitude, arid, and the soils are gravelly sand. Drip irrigation is evident in this landscape. There are a few more of the same palms in the same area, but those are about 1/2 the size of this one.
      There are a few Phoenix canariensis and P. dactylifera or sylvestris in town, at least warmer areas. The fronds look more curved than those, to me.

    • Phoenix and butia after winter
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      So I went for a drive to the south coast to look at the maturing Phoenix and Butia there. 
      Despite being a bit windswept in places they are looking quite good. Butia seeding quite heavily (tried to germinate before but no success) Phoenix have produced lots of seed too which I've collected as should provide quite cold hardy seedlings.