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green serenoa repens seed

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green serenoa repens seed for trade. I have maybe a few thousand to trade and would prefer other cold hardy seeds. US trades only please and PM me.


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    • Classic Central FL palms
      By Yunder Wækraus
      We saw this pretty mixed palm, pine, and oak forest on a camping trip on the Deseret Ranch over the weekend. (And I've added a picture of a mature crested caracara that we saw on our way out of the ranch; habitat with this sort of forest mixed with cattle pasture is the only place you can find this species thriving in Florida.)

    • La Cantera Palms
      By GoatLockerGuns
      I was walking through La Cantera (an open air mall on the north west side of San Antonio) the other day and I saw some interesting palms (at least interesting for San Antonio).  I believe the palms in the first picture are Phoenix dactylifera, and I believe that's Serenoa repens in the second. Can anyone confirm that they are those species?
      I have seen many Phoenix canariensis growing around San Antonio (I have one growing in my yard as well), but not so many Phoenix dactylifera.  It was interesting to see such tall specimens growing here (if that is what they are).  I saw about 8 this size alone at La Cantera.
      Whatever the second palms is, it looks like it is fruiting seeds.  I didn't notice the seeds until after I got back home and looked at the picture.  I'll have to go back on a collection run soon; it is a good thing I live close by!.

    • Florida Serenoa repens
      By Brad Mondel
      Here's some pictures of Serenoa repens in habitat around northern Florida. They're scattered about by the thousands along with Sabal palmetto and S.minor. They provide food for many animals like the black bears and many birds. 

      If you look close you can see a stripe of faint variegation in this frond: 
      Hope you enjoy these photos. I never considered growing the green variety but after seeing them in habitat I'm sold. 
    • Erna Nixon Park
      By Yunder Wækraus
      I visited Erna Nixon park today for my first time. I've seen a lot of Florida wild land, but I was really amazed by the quality of the old growth vegetation in this little park. It's not more than 15-20 minutes from my house, but it's just far enough inland to have a completely different vibe. Whereas the hammock hike in Archie Car 15 miles south of my house is dominated by gumbo limbo and strangler figs, this park has zero strangler figs (at least none that I saw), zero gumbo limbo, but there are absolutely massive live oaks festooned with multiple species of epiphytes. My favorite aspect of the park is the quality of its palms, many of which are growing directly out of the water. I wish I had taken more photos, but my kids were acting up, and I only got one good shot. This picture has both S. Palmetto and S. Repens (blue variety) growing out of marshy, fern-covered ground. Look closely, and you can see there are actually a few red leaves proving it's actually fall this far inland.

    • Dividing Containerized Serenoa repens
      By Cosmo
      Yahooey, I can post. So between when I registered and today, I wore the search function pretty thin. I found this link which was very helpful. I confidently bulldozed what had become a misplaced needle out of the ground and ended up with a dozen new needles from it. (First pic and yes those are the bottoms of 1 gallon milk cartons repurposed for the needles.)

      During the 40 days and 40 nights of rain we had here in North Texas I ventured into a nursery and found 2 containerized saw palmettos at a very sweet price. Pretty much they are doing their best to grow out of the pot. I can plant them the way they are but if it is possible I would like to salvage a few nice offsets from them during the planting process. DO I do it the same way as the needles in the link. Is there a decent chance for both palms to survive or am I just going to have dead palms all the way around. Your help will be appreciated.