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Zamia floridana seed

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I have a bunch viable Zamia floridana seed that I want to give away. Membership has its privileges, IPS members will be given preference.

Sorry, I am not willing to pay for the US postage for shipping.

I will be attending the South Florida Palm Society Spring Sale at the Montgomery Botanical Center on March 17, any leftover seed will be donated to the free seed booth. :)

PM me if you are interested.

I really love this Florida native cycad. Although this cycad is no where near to be extinct however its native ranges have been greatly reduced by development and agriculture. A flour-like starch called arrowroot was made from this cycad in the early 20th century. According to Loran Whitelock, at the peak of the arrowroot production, 10-15 tons of plants were processed each day. Billions of these plants were destroyed. As a percentage, less than 1% of these plants are in habitat compared to the prior arrival of man. I really encourage any Floridian to find some space in their garden for these wonderful plants. There is even a native butterfly (Eumaeus atala) that is dependent on this cycad for its life cycle.



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