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Tony (COACH) Quinones

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Tony Quinones was a Physical Education teacher at Redland Elementary School in South Dade county in Florida.

He was the true definition of a good teacher. He made P.E. fun.

He taught a lot of us self respect,and to respect others around us.

He not only was a good coach, he also was a great friend, and made students feel almost like colleagues.

If every teacher put as much heart into what they were doing, the world would be a better place.

Tony was a great teacher away from school too. Always trying to pass along information to help out in whatever way he could.

Never one to refuse to take me fishing or spearfishing unless it was blowing 40 knots. He also taught me to shoot one hell of a game of pool when I got older.

I had the privilege of knowing Tony away from school at home at families house, he was part of our family for a wile until a devorce

came along, but we always remained close, like family.

Taken from earth way to soon, he will be missed greatly and always remembered for his great laugh,and

ability to make others laugh, and his choice of vocabulary on the school grounds. Phrases like ( oh manure)

and (can head) will never be forgotten.

On the field or off the field Tony was the same guy and one of the best I have ever known.

RIP coach.


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I knew Tony well he lived one mile east of us. He was a great guy, always the eternal optimist. He will be missed.


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