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Doug Eiss

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I just found out a little while ago that Doug Eiss died on May 1st, 2008. Doug was a good friend, and we always had great conversations about palms and numerous other topics. He lived off the road to Opihikao, just a few miles from Leilani Estates, and he worked at Kapoho Palms for many years, so if any of you bought palms from Kapoho Palms, chances are that Doug was involved. Doug was extremely knowledgeable about all sorts of palms, and he did a great job of growing some real "tough ones" (like Licuala orbicularis and mapu) at Kapoho Palms. Unfortunately, Doug had some serious medical issues the last few years, but - as always - he had a great attitude. Last time I saw him was at the HIPS garden tour in April at the Dalbok garden, only about a mile away from where Doug lived. It saddens me that we've lost another great palm enthusiast.



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