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Should I cut off inner brown fronds?


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Hi everyone 

I have this palm for about 5 months now, when I got it it had 2 inner fronds (one from each side) opening up already brown. Now it looks like it's growing ok and adjusted to the environment, new fronds look green and healthier although it's quite windy here. My question is- should I cut off these inner brown fronds or should I wait until it's "their turn" to peel off as outer onesP_20240709_164552.thumb.jpg.b978b8bf5cb3a807c00bfc22c9d23f7f.jpgP_20240709_164625.thumb.jpg.dc6e179395213da28904c00678fad328.jpgP_20240709_164621.thumb.jpg.2c37e34aa894a5787e2dd2e9a30743e3.jpgP_20240709_164613.thumb.jpg.83079726dbf05317d1dd32986ca93221.jpg?



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I think they can skip the line. If it were struggling, I'd say no, but because both palms look so rigourous and happy with their situation out on that patio, I think you're fine cutting them off. Up to you aesthetically how far down you want to cut as, like you said, eventually the leaf base will be sloughed off 

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I'd wait until the whole frond dies up, the palms will still get nutrients from those green petioles

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Do you know when it was last given plant food or fertilizer? Possibly nutritional deficiency, although I am not an expert on those. But if you've had it a few months, it may be hungry in that pot as it's midsummer and there are two of them in there. If it has been fertizlized or given plant food recently, you can check the ingredients to see if it's balanced between nitrogen-potassium-magnesium-manganese-etc... 

I'm noticing that it's not just the older leaves on the left palm; the palm on the right also appears to have some edge crisping and chlorosis or browning in the newer leaves. Hmm... Someone shared this link in another thread. It includes pictures and good descriptions of the various symptoms of different nutritional deficiencies. Very helpful, may be useful for you:


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Good question there are a few things you can do for various reasons firstly leave the leaf for the the plant to synthesise with or remove it because of the energy it’s taking to keep the petiole alive in energy being in a container and the stress it has suffered I would remove it but if there is life in leaf a palm needs it no matter how damaged it is or remove it for a better look of the plant it comes down to knowing your plants and learning as a grower would grow any variety of plants we are all learning constantly to grow plants.🌱 

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