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white stuff on windmill palm


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i saw this video on youtube and how do you feel about putting rocks on the soil around the palm to help radiate heat during the winter? in theory it seems like a great idea to me

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This issue has been addressed here in Palmtalk in several threads. My impression is that there is no clear consensus on this subject. Personally,  I would stick with the mulch in a new planting 

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Zone 6b maritime climate

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i’m sorry for not responding i thought i did respond but i came back to ask sum and realized i didn’t. and then will do ill stick with the mulch. anyways im currently away and the weather changed to being 99 degrees. my friend who is taking care of my cat and plants sent a pic of the palm that’s in the sun all afternoon and it looked a little sad, sorta droopy but i couldn’t tell much from the pic. should he maybe put a pillow case on the palm in the morning when he goes over to protect the palm from the extreme heat (i don’t have shade cloth since i didn’t think it would get this hot) and then he can take it off at night if that’s sum i can do. or will the palm be just fine in the heat? i mean its only a few more degrees than it was today but i feel like a few degrees makes a difference at least with the cold 

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