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Center spear dead on recently planted young Mexican fan palm


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I had planted this Mexican fan palm in the ground on February 19th (which was probably not a good time) and it was actually doing really well for about a month.  I noticed a week ago that the center spear was turning brown. I had fertilized it probably a week and a half before I noticed the brown. We have had temps down to the higher 40’s but no lower.IMG_2853.thumb.jpeg.bb90c0e986f265f06170fda7f91ed20d.jpegIMG_2855.thumb.jpeg.44beb07a76dc7914ce6dfdefac459b8f.jpeg

This one shown below was planted next to it a week later, was also fertilized, and has been doing perfectly fine since.


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I cannot see the photos. I will guess that perhaps it was compromised before you bought it.

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