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Just brought some Heterospathe barfodii seeds from Stephen and he was fantastic to deal with. From inital contact, agreeing the price, swaping details for payment and shipping to the seeds to being shipped was all done in less than 2h=4 hours.

Looking forward to receving them in due course

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It's a bit soon to post a review when all he's done so far is take your money!

However, please do post an update when you receive the seeds. I saw his H. barfodii listing too and I am also tempted to buy some. I got a few of these from RPS quite a while ago and had no luck at all with them, but who knows how old they were.

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Seeds arrived in the post today, 10 days after being sent, which was quicker than expected.

The quantity I received was correct, and the seeds are currently soaking with none floating,  so should be viable.

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