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Floribunda Price List Update February 2024

Floribunda Palms

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New Year, New Palms!

All of us at Floribunda Palms extend warm wishes for a happy and healthy New Year to all! We are eager to embark on an exceptional year for palm enthusiasts everywhere in 2024.

We are proud and thrilled to unveil a selection of extraordinary palm species for this February 2024 update, just under 100 new palms to choose from!

First up, bring the elegance of the rare Heterospathe califrons into your garden with seedlings priced at $15.00, a stunning palm with leathery, bifid leaves.


Suchin Marcus for scale


Another bifid stunner, the unique blackish Geonoma conduruensis (also only $15), is an essential addition for those looking for a beautiful understory talking point. You can also add Asterogyne guianensis to your collection, continuing our theme of bifid beauties with wide unsplit leaflets, available for $12. The small Chamadorea frondosa, with its distinctive bluish-green foliage, is offered at $12 but in limited quantities.



For connoisseurs, the legendary Sabinaria magnifica, possibly one of the most ornamental palms globally, is available once again as single open leaf seedlings, shipped in a pot for $70. 



Also, don't miss out on the Hydriastele sp. 'metallic' (flabellata), priced at $15, featuring metallic leaves reminiscent of the H. pinangoides type.



Click Here to go to the pricelist, or copy/paste the address below into your browser:



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Floribunda Palms and Exotics
P.O. Box 635
Mountain View, HI 96771
Telephone: 808-966-8003 | Toll-Free: 866-966-8003
Email: Info@FloribundaPalms.com | Web: https://www.FloribundaPalms.com / https://floribunda.xyz

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Anyone in the Los Angeles area thinking of making an order in the next week and want to split costs?

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Now you’re just teasing us in Australia 🤣

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Yep, honestly some of the best and rarest genetics in the world. 

Thank you Jeff

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