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How to do to sell seeds

Mascareigne 974

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First: If you want to sell anything on PalmTalk, you must join the International Palm Society (IPS) and be identified as a member. After you pay for your membership, PM Palm Mod to have your membership info placed on your site. No join, no sell.

You don’t have to be an IPS member to buy seeds, only to sell. When you sell place your ad in the Sale Subforum nowhere else. Some people think they can avoid joining IPS but still sell by posting elsewhere on PT and avoid the Sale Forum. Don’t. We’ve seen that dodge many times and you will be reported to Palm Mod, who will remove your illicit sale ad and warn you not to try that again. IPS does not exist to enable anyone to shill on PT’s site to scarf up free money. We used to have scammers ripping off PTers but had no interest in palms except as income streams. The scams pretty much stopped when IPS membership entered the equation. Scammers want to keep their money not donate it.


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Hello, thank you for all this very important information! I understand better now!
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