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Tropical rain in the subtropics weather pattern


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There was a cyclone near cairns far north Australia crossing land around Thursday with it travelling inland now bringing rain down south it’s an amazing event we do get the the very rare cyclonic weather patterns now called the east coast low weather pattern bringing rain from the north also when the north of Australia has a wet season annually we often get our rain from the top end of Australia the inland southerly winds combined with tropical north wind coming into great affect and that’s when the best wet weather in summer is at its best meaning great palm growing weather in summer with a combination of heat you have pretty well much the same growing conditions as cairns but only for a brief period and that’s even subject to the seasonal variations that’s one of the reasons why my palms grow so well in my garden in my very unique microclimate in this part of the world along with ocean influence so cairns is not the only place in Australia you can grow palms after all we can grow stuff they can’t and vis Versace cold weather is our enemy down south cyclones are there enemy up north we get the benefits of the cyclone thanks to tropical Queensland with rain event’s bringing 200mm of rainfall or more in single events I love it when it rains 






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