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Trachycarpus in Michigan

Leelanau Palms

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My two trachycarpus fortunei (3 gallon, from Perfect Plants, arrived May 2022) have been great houseplants over one winter and thrived outdoors (in pots) over two summers up here. They have not been fussy about soil (Miracle Gro moisture control), fertilizer (osmocote plus and occasional Miracle Gro for acid loving plants), or water (wetter during summer, drier during winter). They've been outdoors from late May to October.  No insect or disease issues to date. Their fronds do not like my windy location, but that "damage" has not slowed them down.

May 2022: 


Early December 2023: 



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Zone 6b maritime climate

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Yeah after several years of frond damage way up here on the prairies when it goes outside I’m keeping it as a permanent indoor ornamental going forward 👍🏻❤️ yours looks awesome palm brother good work.


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Thanks for reaching out and for sharing the video. Your trachy looks great.  I may consider trying some waggies as a replacement sometime to test their wind tolerance at my location. 

Zone 6b maritime climate

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