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Snipping Roots Out of Drainage Holes


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Is there any issues snipping off palm roots growing out of pot drainage holes?  If roots are growing out of drainage holes, is that a sign it is time to re-pot?

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Photos? A rule of thumb about palms (which are monocots more closely related to grasses than to woody trees) is to avoid cutting, breaking or otherwise damage/disturb palm roots. Doing so will set a palm back and may outright kill it.


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Agree with Meg, why cut healthy roots that are bringing water and nutrients to help your Palm grow?

If roots are growing out of the bottom of your pot to me that says either time to upsize your pot or consider planting in ground.


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Not to play devil's advocate or whatever - most of my palms are/were in "self watering" pots with the little tiny holes and the water basin at the bottom. When I had to repot, some roots got broken. My Queen was the worst, that thing was sooooo freaking rootbound. But some palms are more sensitive than others. That's when I started putting LECA in the bottom of all my pots. 

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