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Selling an inherited palm nursery


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Hope you all are have a great day! I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but here goes.

My mother's fiance is giving me the task of selling his entire nursery of palm trees. I do not have a exact count but I know there are hundreds of them and there are at least 3 different species. They are all in 2' boxes and are all in good shape and are maintained and cared for regularly. I know he cannot have individual homeowner/small buyers looking to just get a few visiting his property due to personal time and health reasons. Also the property is at the top of a mountain. 

I will be taking inventory and inspecting the entire property in the next few days when I have time and will have all the specifics soon. Also we are located in southern California.

I need help to know where to start and how to get them all sold because it is an opportunity to help him and my mom out and relieve some of the burden on them while also helping myself take care of my two little kids.

I really appreciate any suggestions and even more so appreciate any of you just taking the time to read this!

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It is not practical to sell these palms as individual purchases.  I would inquire with existing palm nurseries to propose a bulk sale of the complete inventory.  Try Flora Grubb,  Jungle Music, or Las Palmas Ranch.  

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San Francisco, California

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On 11/14/2023 at 9:17 PM, blue240z said:

What species

This definitely will help out moving this in a direction. 

T J 

T J 

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even some pics


Located on Vanua Levu near Savusavu (16degrees South) Elevation from sealevel to 30meters with average annual rainfall of 2800mm (110in) with temperature from 18 to 34C (65 to 92F).

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