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Having yucca problems. The original plant died this summer after flowering, and was attacked by beetles. The plant put out suckers which seemed alright, but are now not looking too good. All my other yuccas look good. What could be causing this problem, and how can I fix it? 51B944CF-E016-4B6C-A5C2-0C1BDF89C209.thumb.jpeg.a97607ca56235c65d273f8b4451e09c1.jpeg50498401-1EE4-4304-8E4B-BC652140AC85.thumb.jpeg.034bd59eaaa67dac6844bc6d807b015b.jpeg60AF88FA-DC80-42C6-90B5-B22DB094A7B3.thumb.jpeg.837014b87cf4036b43eb3bb9bdf7a2fc.jpeg

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I too think it's a fungal problem .  Same here for my yuccas in autumn and spring.


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