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Royal Palm doesn’t seem to be shedding fronds as frequent as my other Royals


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Hi All, long time lurker, first time poster

tropical zone 9b - Parrish, FL

I have 3 Royal Palms, 2 of which I purchased from one location, which was admittedly more pricey and a third which I got for around $200 less.   Looked like it went through some shock.  It also arrived with less than clean frond removal.  I probably shouldn’t have accepted it but I took it regardless.  

for the first 6 months the tree went from green to yellow.  The shaft growing looked sun damaged or shocked, not sure for the right terminology.  The shaft eventually sprouted damaged fronds.   After several courses of fertilizer the Royal returned to a darker shade of green, a new shaft grew and it looks healthy and not damaged.  

my concern is the fronds are not turning brown and becoming easily peelable like my other Royals.   It’s been 8 months and no fronds have fallen yet.   In that same 8 month period that other Royals have went through 3-4 fronds each.  

can you discern anything from these photos to tell me what can be going wrong (if there is anything going wrong to begin with)  





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@GhostCoast Welcome to the forum!  If it is growing then at least that much is good.  If anyone else sees something that can be done to bring the palm up to par with it's two brethren, please chime in.  Mine sometimes take a while to shed old fronds as well,.  One is seed-grown and grows rapidly.  The other was a potted plant that I got as part of a deal.

Lakeland, FL

USDA Zone 1990: 9a  2012: 9b  2023: 10a | Sunset Zone: 26 | Record Low: 20F/-6.67C (Jan. 1985, Dec.1962) | Record Low USDA Zone: 9a

30-Year Avg. Low: 30F | 30-year Min: 24F

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You have some persistent leaf bases but the fronds don’t look bad. It’s still at that size where the fronds look a bit ratty. Similar to Queen palms, Royals can look that way until they hit the 20 foot mark. These are Massive palms and even though they look big, they are still juveniles at this size. Keep watering and check back in 12 months from now. Don’t forget palms have individual genetics much like humans and there can be a wide variation from palm to palm.

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