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Livistona chinensis overgrown community pot


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Hey everyone,

Any local interest (Southern California) for buying this entire community pot? If not I may consider selling individual seedlings. I have no idea how many there are, I would guess 100+. These are huge, the plants measure up to 5 feet from the bottom of the pot, so I cannot ship, I apologize. Seedlings have been in this pot for 2-3 years, separating roots will be a task. Would take $100 OBO for the entire pot. Text me if interested, thank you. 805-813-3999


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21 hours ago, rhallford826 said:

They are too large to ship unfortunately but thank you for the interest.  😀

They taller then 38.5 " ? 

T J 


T J 

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It is, this community pot was kind of forgotten about, although it had spot spitters installed. When I found it, I was like dang, those are tall! lol. I'm nervous to separate them coming into fall now, not a great time for transplanting, but I know the time is ticking on these things, just a matter of time before they start thinning themselves.

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