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Fernandoa madagascariensis


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15 hours ago, Peter said:


How long for it to get to this size Peter?  When is the flowering season for it here in the northern hemisphere?  Last question is what does the bark and trunk look like?  Curiosity has gotten the best of me. 

33.0782 North -117.305 West  at 72 feet elevation

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Hey Tracy, it's been in the ground for 10-12 years I estimate, and it's been this size for 5-6 years or so.  For the first several years after planting, it grew like a shrub, then one year just took off with a central leader and turned into a tree.  It blooms, sometimes a couple times a year, but not on a regular cycle, at least not one I recognize.  More often in the fall or spring, but seems like it can bloom at any time.   Bark is getting fairly deep fissures-I'll try to take a photo later when the light is better.  The leaves sometimes get bronzy and a little limp at the end of winter, and then, overnight, they seem to turn green and vibrant somehow without falling off.  Has never had a single seed pod.  Much better performer than my F Magnifica, which is a handsome but narrow tree, and only has a few blooms(but spectacular) each spring(except this year).  

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San Fernando Valley, California

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