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"Suspected serial palm tree arsonist caught in Galveston."

Joe The Palm

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Makes you wonder whether he was actually a palm hater (there are some of those around), or just a pyromaniac. Palms with dried skirts are all too easy.

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Wow this guy definitely deserves the POS of the week award. I don't care so much if he torches the palms, but don't do it when it's right up on somebody's house. Now you've got a displaced family and you might hurt or kill someone if the house catches fire.


My first thoughts was more of a pyro, and a dumb one to be lighting those so close to a house. His stupidity has gotten him charged with arson and attempted murder possibly. 


There's got to be so may of these sitting around in more ideal positions with open area. If you're going to be a pyro- fine. Just make sure you're not going to get other people hurt or killed or destroy houses.

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Oakley, California

55 Miles E-NE of San Francisco, CA

Solid zone 9, I can expect at least one night in the mid to low twenties every year.

Hot, dry summers. Cold, wet winters.

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