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Amazon hack last night

Cindy Adair

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This is just a reminder to check your emails everyday. 

I do order items from Amazon since some things just aren’t easily found in stores in rural PR. 

However when I got a confirmation notice about “my” Xbox purchases I at first thought the emails themselves were spam.

However when I logged into my Amazon account I found records of a chat at midnight my time where someone reported that some items ordered a month ago were never received. 

The chat questioned the delay in reporting, but the criminal wrote that they had been out of town.

Anyway Amazon issued a gift card refund which the criminal immediately spent on some non refundable Xbox items.

If Amazon had contacted me directly to confirm the refunds it would have stopped there.

Anyway after changing my password and then signing out of Amazon I was able to reach someone in fraud and they seemed familiar with the scam.

As of now the Xbox items are still listed under my recent orders. Amazon said it takes 24-48 hours to sort things out and that I should get an email then. 

Other than changing my passwords more often I am not sure what I could have done differently here. 

I have changed most of my passwords on all my accounts and have always opted for secondary sign in and facial recognition options where available. But had I not checked my emails it could have been awhile before I noticed this one.



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Cindy Adair

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Did Amazon provide any insight to the scam?

And how they got into your account?

I hope your not at risk for any other password hacking.

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I changed many passwords.

I do wish I had recorded the old one I had on Amazon to see if it had any duplicates, but I changed it too quickly.

Amazon seemed familiar with the scam, but sent me only the usual information most of us have seen when there has been a hack into our data anywhere. Change passwords, monitor credit cards, watch credit rating and such.

The x box purchases are off my Amazon account and it looks like I have a $.65 credit on some gift card, but I didn’t check to see if it is recent.

Fingers crossed that this episode is over.

Cindy Adair

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This is just a funny follow up.

Today I made the about an hour round trip to my post office. The Amazon order was some more weatherproof marking tape for my new plant markers.

I had gotten an “opened but new” item sold by Amazon which saved a few dollars. Once home I realized inside correct packaging it was only a sample tape cartridge. 

What was funny is that it was my previous order of the very same tape cartridges (new) that the hacker claimed (by chat to Amazon) never arrived and falsely got a refund. 

So then I had to do a chat on Amazon and explain that this had nothing to do with the recent hack, but with another probable criminal who inserted a sample pack into a regular package and returned it to Amazon. 

Happily Amazon believed me.

Cindy Adair

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Amazon is supposed to make life easier, not more difficult! Good luck with your reorder. 🙁

Kim Cyr

Between the beach and the bays, Point Loma, San Diego, California USA
and on a 300 year-old lava flow, Pahoa, Hawaii, 1/4 mile from the 2018 flow
All characters  in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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