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Sabal Minor Growing Up


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Ok…I realized this is a little like posting what I had for breakfast on social media…who cares…but I thought this was pretty earth shattering! Seed sprouted and in ground as a single strap about 3years ago…no protection and it’s getting it’s first mature frond…about 6 plus points on it so it is, indeed, more important than what I had for breakfast…sort of…😂


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I can appreciate your sense of enthusiasm that nobody else will probably care about… except another Palm Talker!

I had a Washingtonia volunteer that popped up in a rather inappropriate place in my front yard… so I decided to hastily transplant it on a whim to my backyard thinking it was probably too small to survive the move at such a tender young age and in the dog days of summer. But I have been watering it twice a day, then finally, after what felt like forever with nothing happening, the other day I looked behind its single tiny frond that it has had since the day I moved it, and lo and behold it’s second little palmate frond!  😃



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