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Ordinary HYDROGEN PEROXIDE is a wonder cure! Thanks Palm Talk! (PICS)!

Dwarf Fan

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I seen more than a few posts here extolling the virtues of a couple treatments of hydrogen peroxide to moldy/overwatered Palms and it really does work like magic!!!

I am trying to do organic non-chemical gardening even with my palms (Organic Soil & Palm Tone) so I was looking for less toxic options to revive a Windmill Waggie that I got for only $10 bucks as a rehab project from a Nursery owner in San Antonio who is a big Palm guy (he also has the BEST in ground bamboo collection I’ve ever seen in Texas, PTers in San Antonio will know what nursery I’m talking about). 

Anyways, I sprayed down into the crown until it was completely drenched and I also sprayed all the leaves, the trunk, the top of the soil even the sides and bottom of the pot every other day for one week.

And now after about a month in a partially sunny spot there is a new green spear poking out of what was formerly an empty dead looking crown that had spear pulled!!!


Palm Talk rocks!!!

I have also just been watering regularly but lightly with good ol’ Corpus Christi, TX tap water and it seems to not be dying… does this mean it might actually grow well and come back over time or will it eventually struggle and die because growing Trachys usually doesn’t go well long term in Texas?



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Most of the common Trachycarpus will push a new spear by July 4th. A potted one should easily handle 20°F

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 @Dwarf Fan As long as you have a new spear growing you have a great chance of survival. Living in Corpus you have way more options to grow then myslef 🤙🏼Both of my trachies survived palmageddon without any protection. Both spear pulled but with a couple doses of HP and Daconil they had no problem recovering. Trachies are an easy grow in South Houston as long as they get some shade. 

T J 

T J 

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