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Strange find inside Pindo Palm


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Hi everyone, I came across some strange orange junk inside one section of my pindo palm tree. This particular Palm did have some cold damage and I did treat it with peroxide and also fungicide. There has been steady new growth which is good. I’ve also seen some issues with ants at the bottom of the trunk. This new find is just really weird, it’s almost sticky but without any foul smell. Any ideas on what it could be? IMG_4446.thumb.jpeg.ee9a554f70cca54ad98076106b35acc8.jpegIMG_4440.thumb.jpeg.57803d3ff2a3d851beac83488ba31b8e.jpegIMG_4439.thumb.jpeg.ca0dca917c379aa7407291d40617aad5.jpegIMG_4444.thumb.jpeg.4f395ebfc82180b9502cb4a42fd1e783.jpegIMG_4445.thumb.jpeg.d6830f530f9a6ae7a97cb482e277d366.jpegIMG_4443.thumb.jpeg.5aa3feb6fc39649b57d384a064139238.jpeg


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Yes, you'd normally expect that on trees (you've probably seen that sap on pines). I've not experienced this myself with palms but I have read that this may happen to them too especially due to cold damage to the trunk. I don't think the substance is harmful and it looks like your palm is recovering. Interesting stuff!

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This happens quite often with some palms when there are injured tissues ....

Carambeí, 2nd tableland of the State Paraná , south Brazil.

Alt:1030m. Native palms: Queen, B. eriospatha, B. microspadix, Allagoptera leucocalyx , A.campestris, Geonoma schottiana, Trithrinax acanthocoma. Subtr. climate, some frosty nights. No dry season. August: driest month. Rain:1700mm


I am seeking for cold hardy palms!

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