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Mule Palm Initial Watering Requirements

Cool Mule

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Hi All,

We just had three field grown mules planted around our pool yesterday and wanted to get some advice on watering requirements at this early stage. They range in height from 12-15 ft overall with 4 to 5 feet of clear trunk.

We have bubblers going to each palm that can vary the water output.  These bubblers are on a separate zone for our irrigation.  Is there a certain volume of water I should be targeting?  Planning to water daily for the first few weeks but also want to make sure I don't overwater.  My plan was to see how quickly the bubbler filled a 5 gallon bucket and adjust the water rate as needed to achieve the appropriate volume/hour.

The palms are showing a decent amount of stress already so trying to get them off on the right foot.

Thanks in advance!



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