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Progress for the Zapped Medi.


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No big deal but really happy with the recovery of the Medi so far…after total defoliation on the big trunk, I thought it was a goner but spear growth is like a rocket…


I fed it good with PalmGain in March and will do it again mid-June…mulched and watered well but not too much water as it likes things a bit dry.


Smaller trunks are really growing as well…this palm has such a great history…from garden center greenhouse, three fronds covered in mites and about 10” tall…delivered into the hands of a complete palm newbie and into the ground…it is now two 12” and one 3’ trunk…very glad it didn’t die. Will make sure to keep close tabs on it this winter…if El Niño, maybe? a more evenly moderated, normal zone 7 winter, which I think is better for cold hardy palms than a rollercoaster like mild, moderate, drop dead to single digits, back to mild, etc…we’ll see.


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Starting off nicely there Greg .

Mine too is coming back fast . My Cerifera is also doing well . 


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