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Brown/white spots on new spears Waggie palm. Please help advise!


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Hello everyone,

I’m super new here and learning gardening so any advices is greatly appreciated!!!

I bought this waggie palm last October and transplanted it to ground in November. Recently I see brown-ish, white-ish spots on new spears - picture 1 (even the spears that yet open) and gray-ish tips on young spears - picture 2. The oldest spears look no issues but a little gray-ish tips that I think is not a problem. Is it fungus/vitamin deficiency, or would you please help advise what I should do?

I was so panic of fungus that I trimmed 7 spears (8 spears left) and just found out that would possibly hurt the plant :((((( Is there anything I can do to help the tree?

Thank you!!!




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The first pics with white specks are where cold damage started on the fronds.  These take damage starting at 12F and under.  The second black areas are fungus attacking the dead plant material from the cold damage.  You should have left the fronds that had green (Like pic #1) but it was ok to cut the completely infected black fronds.  You should spray the whole palm with copper fungicide.  if a new spear is coming out ok than that is all you need to do.  If no new spear then please post a pic of the spear area.  Pull spear medium amount to see if it pulls out if there is one.

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Nah, nothing else to do. Give it some good fertilizer once the soil is warm enough. It's still a bit cold out there, yeah? The ground and roots may not be warm enough to pick up any nutrients should you throw some down now. Plant's not dead, it will grow.

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