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Maine Isle of palms, winter damage 2022-23

Brandon James

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With it turning the calendar to may, I’ve already seen active growth. Heres the end of winter state in the Maine isle of palms:

The windmill survived its fourth winter and going into its 5th summer here with minimal damage. Our cold snap of -14 with -30 windchills was able to get into the green house thru a crack I failed to seal and I struggled to keep it above zero with the portable green house heating fan. Damage was sustained to a few tips of several fronds getting windburn but the bulk of the frond was still green. New frond growth was marked last fall before winter:939F7C8F-1CD0-466D-B856-5BAAF4D6C670.thumb.jpeg.d8110628baa00151be52ee1b75eee855.jpeg



the sabal minor palms were covered with frost cloth and a full size comforter during the cold snap. The two plants that already had gone thru one winter were roughly the same result as last year. No spear pull and just fronds dried from winds. The two new plants faired in the middle. Not a total loss of fronds like the one farthest from the house but new frond growth is showing. 813F9A02-5059-4E1F-8FF1-AC8988361340.thumb.jpeg.ae6eb6b0f097e47e2e8220b7ee1ef295.jpeg608FA3BB-069E-4AB2-9CF9-C6D02FB39B14.thumb.jpeg.c11cbb6235a8eda283e5aefbd10654ce.jpeg


As for the Needle palm, I have tried completely unprotected and besides the few run off plants that pushed out new growth the main crown has spear pulled and most fronds are turning yellow. The four run off plants appear fine. This was under cover and shelter to keep moisture off and only exposure was the cold temps since there was no portable heat for this section. I will update if new frond growth appears later from the main crown. 


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