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Collection Reduction

OB Burt

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I'm having a one day sale this Saturday May 5 8-noon which coincides with the Point Loma wide yard sale if any of you are into that; And of course I am willing to part with any of my plants further down the road if saturday doesn't work for you.

Saba Mauitiformis Liner to 3 gallon $3 to $20. Roughly 10 of those, a great looking plant when young and grown in the shade, almost Licuala like

Archontophoenix Purpurea 1 gal $15, 2

"           "     Myolensis , the same as above

Rhopalostylis Cheesmanii I have 20 in liners, $3

Meryta Balansae 10 One gallon $ 20 each. also have some smaller ones as well

Dypsis Pembana 1 gallon ,1 at $15

Chambeyronia Hookeri and Water 

melon, one of each @ $20 1 gallon 



a few Chamaedoreas, Klotsiana and Glauca at $10 each

2 Dracena Ale Triformis 2 gallon  at $20 each, This  is a good looking Dracena that prefers shade and doesn't get as large as D. Drago

I have other things as well, but that sums up my  main offerings 

PM for more information or cell 619 250 7255

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burt repine

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Sorry, failed to be specific, area is Point Loma of San Diego, address is 4575 Orchard Ave 92107

burt repine

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How was the sale, and do you still have the Archontophoenix Purpurea available? And if so, do you ship?!


shminbabe in NE Florida

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The sale was fine. Always nice to meet plant people.I prefer not to ship out of state. I believe sourced the seed from Florida, so you should be able to find plants there .

Good luck

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burt repine

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