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Seedlings for sale

Brian Manassas

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Hey everyone, I over purchased seeds over winter and now I have way more seedlings than I want or need. I'm not looking for a lot of money, just want to get rid of them. Seedlings available are below. Prices DO NOT include shipping. I can sell them either bare root or in the cups they are growing in. The cups will add weight an cost more to ship. I can also bundle and ship together to save on shipping cost, up to you just let me know how you want them shipped.

oh, seedlings have also been grown indoors, so they will need to be sun harden. 

If you live close enough to northern Virginia area an want to pick them up, you can do that too.

If you live out of the country, you will have to tell me if there are special shipping instructions for customs. 

Pseudophoenix sargentii......I have about 10 available.       $5 each.          These are growing really slow

Washingtonian filifera.....I have 15 available.        $2 each.         These are growing really fast

Phoenix theophrasti.....I have 4 of these available.      $5 each

Phoenix dactylifera.....I have 1 of these available.     $2






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I have 9 Washy Filifera and 1 Phoenix Dactylifera left

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