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My seconda coconut palm


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This od my seconda coconut palm, which I bought on May 7, 2022. At first it was pretty, but then it caught a spider mite and I can't get rid of it with any chemicals. The leaves slowly turn yellow. Do these roots look healthy? I spray the palm with warm water almost every day. He has a very clear position. I water every 7-10 days because the root ball dries slowly. The soil is permeable. Palm pot, drainage with holes at the bottom. I live in Poland, so it's not like Florida or California.




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Your coconut looks fine. The roots look healthy. Your palm is good as long as it's still pushing new fronds. I neglect mine a lot. It actually got aphids on winter. I could get rid of them by using insecticide. Right now it's pushing a new frond. It's going in the ground today along with a Thrinax Radiata and an Acrocomia.



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Spray it thoroughly with insecticidal soap. If you can't find that at a garden center, make your own by shaving pieces of a soap bar into a basin of water and applying that. Use soap, not detergent or deodorant bars full of additives.


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The existing damage caused by the mites will never go away. The palm simply has to outgrow it.

I fought spider mites on a handful of indoor palms and when I put in the effort, I won. That’s the thing though: it’s a battle.  First, use a wet rag to wipe down every leaf. The whole thing, top and bottom.  That’s going to physically remove a lot of mites. Use a light color rag and you'll see them on it. (Do this step as often as you please.) 
Next, get some sort of miticide spray. In the past i used a few different varieties of Neem oil mixed with other chemicals. Spray the entire plant until it’s dripping, making sure to get both sides of every leaf.  Repeat the both steps weekly until they're gone. 

Though I’ve never done it, I think@PalmatierMeg’s suggestion will be very effective without the chems because anything oily should suffocate them. Maybe you can apply it more frequently? 

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@5am I've been fighting warts for a year now. I washed the leaves thoroughly with soapy water. I've washed the leaves also beer. I sprayed insecticide. And they still are.

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